Jiří Huska has been a composer of various musical styles including rock, jazz and classical music for many years. In 2014 he published his Preludes for Piano and Cello project.
Jiří has devoted himself to playing the Spanish guitar since his fourteen and has had the opportunity to gain experience from playing with several major Czech guitarists, most notably Miroslav Linka (jazz guitar) and Tomáš Valášek (rock guitar). Following the period of performing in various blues and rock bands, he began to compose for piano and cello. As a result, several classical preludes emerged between 2011 and 2013. For recording, Jiří recruited leading Czech soloists such as Daniel Wiesner (the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) and Bledar Zajmi (a concertmaster-cello soloist at the Prague National Theatre). The songs were recorded in the 3 Bees studio in Prague.

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Jiří Huska
Prague, Czech Republic

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